Saturday, September 09, 2006

The Curry Mela Blog!

With more than 30 curry Melas and hundreds of recipes, I decided to host the Curry Mela on a separate Blog, where I can do also start some more Interesting Food events. I want to keep my Bachelor Cooking blog strictly a Bachelor Cooking Blog.
And when I see that i am not updating my Blog, it will only motivate me to cook more and post more, rather than thinking, "Anyway I am posting the Curry Mela".
Expect better recipes on the Bachelor Cooking Blog too.

About more events, I am moving to a new city next month, and I won't be able to start any new events till then, but by october-november 06, expect some amazing new events. The first event will of course be the Long Promised Cook-Doodle-Do.

An event of Chicken Curry Recipes.

Keep sending in your entries for the Curry Mela to the same old address.. I still keep my Email, lolz. with subject line as Curry Mela.

The rules:

When I started out, I used to link to any kind of food and Curry Mela doesn’t mean you have to only submit Curries. Curry is a metaphor for Food.

I would more than welcome exotic dishes as well as desserts, Bakes, Continental, Barbeques and everything that can be cooked.

Cook up a dish, post it, and send me the parmalink with subject line as Curry Mela to ANTHONYSMIRROR[AT]GMAIL[DOT]COM. It will be posted in the next curry Mela.

I host the Curry Mela most weekends, and if I miss an event in a weekend, your entry will be up in the next weekend.

Do provide a link as Curry Mela by Bachelor Cooking or copy and paste the code below,

Do add a technorati tag as Bachelor Cooking and Curry Mela. Or Copy and paste Technortati Tag Code as

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